Gurp City

It's like Vegas fool. San Francisco and the Bay Area rappers, producers and DJs all get together for one good cause, to get drunk as fuck and make good music. Gurp City consists of hip hop pioneers such as DJ Quest and DJ Eddie Def to underground legends like Bored Stiff and Sacred Hoop to freestyle champions TopR and Conceit...pretty much every alcoholic rapper in the Bay Area of California. The Gurp Fam keeps growing and innovating rap music with artists like Trunk Drank, Z-Man, Fist Fam, Grand Invincible, Fay Dog, G-Pek, Eddie K, DJ Marz, Bullet Proof Space Travelers, Bullet Proof Scratch Hampsters, DJ Cue, Brandon B, Luke Sick, Iron Fist, Thuggy Fresh, 6 Feet Deep, DJ Mathew Africa, 4oneFunk, DJ Teeko, DJ Max Kane, DJ Mista-B, DJ B. Cause, DNAE Beats, Boac, The Makai, Third Sight, The AlterBoys, MC Oroville, Illsquad, Live Human, Lords Crew, Alex Pardee, Zero Friends, Big Sammy, DJ Raw B and Fatees.

Fatees – 10 Megaz To Blast – 8OWE8 MIX

Monday, December 28th, 2015


The Yole Master Fatees recently re-upped and got back on the grind. Hit him up if you need a blast. Out.

Grand Killa Con – Born 2 Gain – Fatees Remix [Official Video]

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

The Gurp don’t stop and Yole Boys don’t quit. Fatees just dropped off a crazy remix for Grand Killa Con’s buzzing single “Born 2 Gain” complete with a video by the Curator.

Rocktober continues… Bay Area bitch.

Fatees is tree’d up

Friday, September 20th, 2013


Fatees got treed’ up and did a couple remixes, one for Justin Loans and another with DJ Stef for a Chippy Nonstop track.

Time to REEP. YOLE BOYS got tapes..

Rime Force Most Illin’ – The Force Is Slammin’ (Video & E.P.)

Monday, March 25th, 2013


Following up their debut “Supalove Tape”, the deadly rap duo of Luke Sick and Rob Rush, together known as Rime Force Most Illin’, are back tag teaming rimes and ripping routines at a frentic pace with their new E.P., The Force Is Slammin’. The title says it all as these two bring you back to the essence of what this rap shit is all about, skills on the microphone and a def beat. Check out the video for the title track and soak game:

The Force Is Slammin’ is available on limited edition cassette. Each Cassette purchase comes with a free immediate download of the album, get it here:
Rime Force Most Illin’ – The Force Is Slammin’

For more info hit up:

The Supalove Tape is still available as well. Gurp League strikes again!

Fatees – “Dealer Wheelz”

Friday, March 8th, 2013


This is what it sounds like in Fatees head when he is treedup. Yole Boys don’t quit.


YOLE BOYS “Supernova Bassdrop” Feat. Trunk Drank and more…

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

New Digi Single from mother pearl masters the Yole Boys now available on Megakut Records. A Fatees slap with Brandon B kicking a stupid dope verse and Eddie K on the hype vocal tip, this one is a no brainer.
Executive producer: Fatees
Rap vocal: MC Brandon B
Hype vocal: Eddie K (88)
Scratches: DJ D-Styles & DJ Hypnotize
Cop it: Yole Boys – Supernova-Bassdrop

Fatees you still OWE youngbucket. Reep. Out.

YOLE BOYS – Owe.Reep.Out – now available!

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

The 5th installment of the Megakut Tape series brings us the YOLE BOYS album, Owe.Reep.Out. Produced entirely by Fatees with rhymes by the Yole Boys including Luke Sick, Thuggy Fresh, Z-MAN, Faydog, Trunk Drank, and The Gingerbread Man. The 808’s are hittin’ and the rhymes are raw. It sounds like 1988 met 2020 and had a gurped out weekend off that high grade yola. If that makes any sense, basically everything you love about this rap shit.


Duty calls when we hit the stalls……………Gurp City


Monday, May 30th, 2011

The bootleg has been in heavy rotation over here and even came with a bag to put some yole in. Can’t wait till the world gets to hear this project its so dirty and dope. Shout out to my rellies Fatees, Luke Sick and Thuggy Fresh.

To Gurped To Get In. Megakut.


Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Coming soon on MEGAKUT RECORDS another Gurp City sure shot, we out here

MEGAKUT RECORDS – Get yo tapes

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

YOLE BOYS-YOLEMEGAMIX Part 1 and 2 (cassette) [limited to 250]
Oakland Beatmaster Fatees and the legendary DJ QUEST join forces to make you feel like you are partying with Charlie Sheen.

MOTEL CREW-TAPE (cassette) [limited to 50]
Post-hyphy chemically expanded non-progressive echo rap.
Motel Crew: Doug Surreal, DJ Quest, Luke Sick & Z-Man

1628 FACTOR-Flow Cash Chapter (cassette) [limited to 25]
Redwood City legends bringing you that raw unkut dope. Listen here:
All available at and Amoeba Records SF
GRAND INVINCIBLE – “Winter 365 E.P.” up next….

Yole Boys don’t stop

Monday, November 29th, 2010

fatees – supernova bassdrop

YOLE BOYS tape is available now on MEGAKUT RECORDS ! Cop Two