Gurp City

It's like Vegas fool. San Francisco and the Bay Area rappers, producers and DJs all get together for one good cause, to get drunk as fuck and make good music. Gurp City consists of hip hop pioneers such as DJ Quest and DJ Eddie Def to underground legends like Bored Stiff and Sacred Hoop to freestyle champions TopR and Conceit...pretty much every alcoholic rapper in the Bay Area of California. The Gurp Fam keeps growing and innovating rap music with artists like Trunk Drank, Z-Man, Fist Fam, Grand Invincible, Fay Dog, G-Pek, Eddie K, DJ Marz, Bullet Proof Space Travelers, Bullet Proof Scratch Hampsters, DJ Cue, Brandon B, Luke Sick, Iron Fist, Thuggy Fresh, 6 Feet Deep, DJ Mathew Africa, 4oneFunk, DJ Teeko, DJ Max Kane, DJ Mista-B, DJ B. Cause, DNAE Beats, Boac, The Makai, Third Sight, The AlterBoys, MC Oroville, Illsquad, Live Human, Lords Crew, Alex Pardee, Zero Friends, Big Sammy, DJ Raw B and Fatees.

Pictures from Hardly Celebs (Topr, Conceit) Show in Sacramento

Posted by Dap1

Hardly Celebs Gurp City

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Hardly Celebs Gurp CityHardly Celebs Gurp CityHardly Celebs Gurp CityHardly Celebs Gurp CityHardly Celebs Gurp CityHardly Celebs Gurp CityHardly Celebs Gurp CityHardly Celebs Gurp City

Pictures courtesy of the First Lady.


  • don dundunny

    on Wednesday, January 3, 2007 at 7:31 pm

    First bar i’ve been to that serves beer in plastic cups and gives you gum when you leave.

  • bosse

    on Wednesday, January 3, 2007 at 8:47 pm

    the pic of top on the floor would have been perfect if it showed the little asian lady next to him mopping up spilled beer. i was too gurped out to take a photo of that. and i loved the way they slapped down mint gum at the end of the night. . . .

  • Concizzle

    on Thursday, January 4, 2007 at 2:09 pm

    Hands down the coolest bar owners in the world. 2 dink tickets gets you a pitcher,free gum,free bottled water(even if your not performing), and a smokers lounge thats connected to the club. I would marry that place(if it were’nt a place).