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It's like Vegas fool. San Francisco and the Bay Area rappers, producers and DJs all get together for one good cause, to get drunk as fuck and make good music. Gurp City consists of hip hop pioneers such as DJ Quest and DJ Eddie Def to underground legends like Bored Stiff and Sacred Hoop to freestyle champions TopR and Conceit...pretty much every alcoholic rapper in the Bay Area of California. The Gurp Fam keeps growing and innovating rap music with artists like Trunk Drank, Z-Man, Fist Fam, Grand Invincible, Fay Dog, G-Pek, Eddie K, DJ Marz, Bullet Proof Space Travelers, Bullet Proof Scratch Hampsters, DJ Cue, Brandon B, Luke Sick, Iron Fist, Thuggy Fresh, 6 Feet Deep, DJ Mathew Africa, 4oneFunk, DJ Teeko, DJ Max Kane, DJ Mista-B, DJ B. Cause, DNAE Beats, Boac, The Makai, Third Sight, The AlterBoys, MC Oroville, Illsquad, Live Human, Lords Crew, Alex Pardee, Zero Friends, Big Sammy, DJ Raw B and Fatees.

Luke Sick’s Bloomefit Recap. “Unforgurpable”

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Faded Bloom 4am

It’s not an act; it’s what we do.

I’m your typical Gurp City resident. When I go to a house party, I like to drink on an empty stomach and go out my fucking body. I don’t wanna look cool and have intelligent conversation, and I got in-house, so I’m not trying to preen for the dirty ones either. You ain’t gonna catch me with bottled water. I’m trying to get drunk and stoned, period. I’m that motherfucker you worry about pissing in the living room. I don’t drink and politely resign to a cubby hole when it’s time for beddy-bye either. I drink until I can’t move and my brain cannot form the images necessary for vision, and then I just stay where I am till that’s over. Anybody that’s done Ketamine knows what I’m talking about; it’s like I drink myself into an alcoholic K-hole. Yeah, worry about me, dude. I’m the guy singing along to NWA’s “Gangsta Gangsta” in an Axl Rose voice (post-facelift), and basically acting like a seventh-grader off his first sixer. And sweating profusely is a big part of it. So is doing the Get Low. But I can’t cuz I’m drunk and fat and uncoordinated even when sober and not from Fillmore, so I just watch other motherfuckers. And don’t let me get near the turntables, ’cause I’ll just play all my own shit. I like to be piss drunk and shameless. It’s how I have fun. I’ve been doing the exact same thing for over 20 years. And I love it. And my friends don’t mind, ’cause they do it too. Most everybody I know already knows this, but I’ll say it anyway: Presenting the façade of a baller, well-paid and reserved with a fat cigar and brandy-snifter balanced nimbly in one’s fingers isn’t even a millionth as fun as getting blurry and causing a ruck, reaching out your filthy forty-grippers for anything liquid (even if it’s pink and coconut-flavored) or smoke-able and cracking yourself the fuck up.

All this being said, I tend to be a pretty annoying drunk to those that consider themselves grown, too cool for anything that’s not Jameson and Pabst, or above the art blacking out and acting a fuckin’ fool, and I usually get yelled at, kicked out of places, and punched hard for mouthing off to someone I shouldn’t have. But ya know we gotta say fuck it to that, ’cause if we didn’t we wouldn’t have nearly as much fun. The Bloomefit was a perfectly tolerant place to flex this type of personal freedom for alcoholic enjoyment. It might’ve been the last total retardo throwdown for a long time as all the ranchers are hittin’ the wind and working on their solo projects, and I just want to thank everybody who organized the shin-dig and gave us an outlet to do our favorite thing, and I think all the gurpos in attendance share my gratitude. And the coolest part about it was that it wasn’t to make ourselves look good, feel cool, make money, or shamelessly promote; we did it to help out our relly, Lord Facials. Basically, this is all a disclaimer for why I drank the “Dean Juice” and got on dean and why I look like such a baby mook in the footage from that Lean Night (all this shit was inspired by Unforgivable on youtube which was in heavy rotation at the Bloomefit; watch that shit.) The sting of embarrassment now after-the-fact just reminds me of the balls out good time I had, or at least I keep telling myself that to steer clear of regrets. Quote of the night, I’m not gonna say who said it: “She’s nice with the head game, but that bitch just won’t shut up!” Thanks to all the fools who DJed (Loomis, Aye Jay, Heathakilla, Brandon B yo Count: thanks for the sneak preview screening of “Block Monster”—fools are gonna flip over that shit when you get it edited—y’all thought Father Rick was funny, sheee–it, etc.) which provided the soundtrack towards my eventual Dean-ism, thanks to G-pek for mixin’ the Juice, thanks to E-Rock for the ride, thanks to Paul for telling us to turn it down when the Neighbor yelled in desperation: “Lower The Bass!,” thanks to Alan for making the fresh hoodies, thanks to Thuggy for bringing his camera and making Me and Pek look like the true goons we are, thanks to E, Lydia, Sammy, and Sammy’s boy who drove all the way back to Sac or some shit that night, and anybody else that passed the grapes in clear papes, and thanks to that motherfuckin’ lowlife that stole Corey’s lap-top and gave us a reason to have the party in the first place.

I fuckin’ love that shit. It’s what the City’s all about… Gurp , gurp. You are a basehead. I can see it in your eyes. Don’t fight it. Go to sleep.

Ironfist X Boac X Brycon at Elbo Room

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On May 9th, Ironfist will be playing with Boac and Brycon as they open up for L.A. Symphony at Elbo Room. $7, 21+.

Gurp City

Amanda Lopez X Estevan Oriol

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Gurp City photographer Amanda Lopez hustles. Not only is she part of the M.I.S.S. Crew and Dandelion Black, but she is also a featured photographer on Okay Player. SF native Lopez is currently trying to win a bid for a grant to document the Mission District for San Francisco. She has shot for Quannum recording artists, Urb, Synthesis, The Preformer, Vibe, Mass Appeal, The Legend, and Vapors.

Amanda’s day job is working as an assistant to world famous photographer, Estevan Oriol. You have most likely seen his work through Upper Playground, Joker Clothing, Soul Assassins, filmed music videos for Kool G Rap, Cypress Hill, DJ Muggs, Paul Wall (Higg’s favorite), Blink 182, even P.O.D. and has shot for almost every music magazine we read.

Lopez recently laced me with an original photo from her Vans Series of her and her mentor.

Estevan Oriol Amanda Lopez gurp city

Thanks for the print Amanda!

DNAE Competes in Red Bull Big Tune

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DNAE Beats VS. Red Bull

Gurp City and Machete Vox producer extraordinare, DNAE Beats made the cut and neck deep into the Red Bull Big Tune Competition in San Francisco. Big Tune is a producer beat battle equivalent to Red Bull’s BC One break dance competition. Also in the Big Tune competition is Gurp City rellie Phillip Drummund.

If you’re in the Bay, go support DNAE.

Bloomefit 2007

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Bloomefit Gurp City

A few weeks ago The Ranch got broken into. The only thing of importance stolen, besides a bag of stress, was our roommate Corey Bloom’s new laptop.

I have known Corey for over 12 years and, as many people can attest to, he is the most humble dude I have ever met. When we told him we were going to try and raise money to replace his laptop, he immediately said, “Its not right. What about all the other people whose houses were broken into? They deserve to have their things that were stolen back too.” What else would you expect Corey to say?

We are trying to get the homies together and get some scratch rounded up to get him on his way to another laptop. We will be having a HOUSE PARTY (1195 Hill View Way, Chico CA 95928, cross-street Neal Dow) on April 28th. We’re gonna get some kegs, press up some Gurp shirts, custom Gurp City hoodies and art donated from local artists, with all proceeds going to Bloom.

For instance, you could come with $20s and leave drunk with a brand new dope t-shirt, or come with $50 and leave drunker, with a custom Gurp City hoodie and an original piece of artwork by some amazing artists!

If you cannot make it you can still donate to the fund securely through All you have to do is go to — click on SEND MONEY and then enter in the email address and it will explain it from there. She is a very trustworthy person who is gathering money from a bunch of Corey’s Rapper/DJ/Producer/PR/Record Label contacts that he works with on a daily basis.

Please feel free to pass this on to any of your friends. Hope you all can make it and help out our rellie.

The 40 Oz Show: 04.18.07… The Bleezies & Heem Show!

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Listen to The 40 Oz Show, bitches!

It’s not like the Bleezies & Heem edition of The 40 Oz Show was a difficult thing to put together, I mean, had I put a bit more effort into it, I could have come up with a two- or three-hour show. Still, I think this hour nicely encompasses that whole smokin’ and drankin’ vibe…probably even better so when you’ve been smokin’ and drankin’. The Mac Dre cut was the obvious choice to lead off the show, partially because I ripped the title of the show from the title of this song, but among the rest, most of these tracks are pretty obvious candidates for inclusion here. So sit back, crack a tall can or pour a glass of Heem, fire up a bleezie and enjoy the show…oh yeah, and happy 4:20 to all the shameless stoners out there who, uh…wait…what were we talking about?

Eh, whatever… To download the whole show, click the boombox-bagged 40 bottle up there; to see the playlist and subscribe to the podcast, click over to

Freestyle Olympics 2007

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Modus Freestyle Olympics Gurp City San Francisco Strangeface

Gurp City Steez

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Step your game up! GurpCityDot received over 440,000 visits last week.

Click on the image below

Gurp City

Pictures From Faydogs Artshow.

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“Union” By Spark n’ Cinder (Jimmy Fay) Feat Faydog (right click “save as”)

Any of you out there who live close to the Eastbay should take the time to roll out to Lanesplitters on San Pablo and University in Berkeley. You would do yourself a great service to check out the art on display by one of Gurp City’s most talented individuals. Faydog is not only a pro when it comes to whipping out Sicilian style slices he’s also an awesome illustrator and painter. If you’ve ever had a stack of bills or scrap paper laying on a coffee table when Faydogs around then you know oh to well the little beastie colonies and singing monsters that come to life after Fay asks you for a pen. We’re all very proud of Fay for this is his first artshow and he’s almost completely sold out of all his hangin work. Good job homie. Faydog’s art is going to continue to hang thru the end of April so go see it while you still can.

Here’s a few pics from Fays official art show opening this past Monday, as well as a free Faydog song/collabo with father Jimmy Fay up top.

photos by Keith The Mammal

Faydog gurp city

faydog art gurp city

faydog art gurp city

faydog art gurp city

faydog art gurp city

faydog art gurp city

faydog art gurp city

F-A-Y-D-O-G, gettin that guac!

Freestyle Olympics coming Friday April 27th

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Heres a little promo for the upcoming Freestle Olympics on Friday April 27th. The Gurp fam will be represented in the hosting (TOPR) and judging duties (CONCEIT aka “The Gary Coleman of Rap”) this year. Peep the promo. Word to Ceit, good lookin on the Gurp City shout out but sorry about that hat you’re wearing.

The 40 Oz Show: 04.11.07…

Posted by Max

Listen to The 40 Oz Show, bitches!

This week’s edition of The 40 Oz Show is online and ready for download. Remember, if you live in San Francisco, in or near the Mission, you can catch this show every Wednesday night from 8 to 9 p.m. on Western Addition Radio, 93.7 FM. To download the whole show, click the boombox-bagged 40 bottle up above; or click over to to see the playlist and subscribe to the podcast…

NEXT WEEK: The Bleezies & Heem Show! All Weed & Booze Raps!


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I dont know what you’re doing this weekend but it might be a good idea to come check this out. And If you dont know what up with Aids/LifeCycle then you needs to get learned. Come show love and watch Luke Sick be the drunkest guy there this Sunday.
Figure since Toph is showing the crew so much love lately we could at least return the favortoph flyer.jpg

5 Min flyer by thuggyfresh

Alex Pardee gets Used

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Lies for the Liars

Alex Pardee recently finished up the album artwork for The Used‘s next album, Lies for the Liars which drops May 22nd. Pardee is The Used‘s go to guy, as he designed their 2004 In Love and Death album artwork, then did their 2007 live album, Berth. Pardee also designed The Used’s new album single, “The Bird and The Worm.”
The Bird and The Worm Alex Pardee
You can see more art from Alex Pardee here (and here) on Gurp City dot.

Now be wary and keep your eye out for the Chadam. He has been spotted stalking The Used and may turn up in a few of their music videos!

DNAE Beats: The First Hundred is the Hardest, mixed by DJ B Cause in stores now!

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DNAE Beats dropped a new mixtape, blended by DJ B Cause of 4oneFunk, comprised of tracks DNAE produced throughout 2005 and 2006. The First Hundred is The Hardest has tracks featuring Z-Man, Gift Of Gab of Blackalicious, Pigeon John, Mr.Lif, Conceit, Boac, L’Roneous, Eddie K, Writers Block of The Visionaries, Otherwize, Lateef The Truthspeaker, N8 The Gr8 of The Cuf, Azeem, Lo Vision, Hasaan Salaam, MF Mez, MF Grimm and more. Album is in stores now.
DNAE BEATS photo by Amanda Lopez
Photo By Amanda Lopez

Not familiar with DNAE’s work? Don’t worry because hes on some shit, giving samples out of his work through his podcasts here. (For those who drink too many IRAKs, a podcast is an audio mix that is free to listen to through your computer.)
Other 2007 DNAE releases include:

Gift Of Gab : Supreme Lyricism vol.2 (all beats produced by: Dnae Beats)
Z-Man : Six Pack of Dynomite (all produced by: Dnae & Boac)
Boac & Dnae : free downloadable ep
Dnae Beats : Instrumental Ish Vol.1&2
Dnae Beats : Instrumental Ish Vol.3&4

More Gurp City Love in XLR8R

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I guess we need to up our magazine game because these two came in under the radar. Gurp City has had features in the last two issues of XLR8R magazine’s Lucky 13 section. Peep the shouts out to Sacred Hoop, The Live Human* Breakseven Remixes & Conceit aka “The Blue Meanie of Rap” in issues #105 & #106 respectively. Toph One proves once again that he has fine taste in all things awesome, shout out to Toph One for being one of the coolest cats around. And if you didnt already know XLR8R has downloadable versions of past issues in PDF format at their website Click the images for the larger versions.

Peep the Gwizski shout out in the issue 106 (#3 after Conceit,) for Z Man and Eddie K namedrops as well. MUCH LOVE TOPH!! Respect.

**UPDATE # 2**
Peep issue 103 for the Topr shout out as well as the Gurp Homies Max Kane and B-Cause. CLICK HERE


* For those who dont know Live Human features The Legendary DJ Quest.