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It's like Vegas fool. San Francisco and the Bay Area rappers, producers and DJs all get together for one good cause, to get drunk as fuck and make good music. Gurp City consists of hip hop pioneers such as DJ Quest and DJ Eddie Def to underground legends like Bored Stiff and Sacred Hoop to freestyle champions TopR and Conceit...pretty much every alcoholic rapper in the Bay Area of California. The Gurp Fam keeps growing and innovating rap music with artists like Trunk Drank, Z-Man, Fist Fam, Grand Invincible, Fay Dog, G-Pek, Eddie K, DJ Marz, Bullet Proof Space Travelers, Bullet Proof Scratch Hampsters, DJ Cue, Brandon B, Luke Sick, Iron Fist, Thuggy Fresh, 6 Feet Deep, DJ Mathew Africa, 4oneFunk, DJ Teeko, DJ Max Kane, DJ Mista-B, DJ B. Cause, DNAE Beats, Boac, The Makai, Third Sight, The AlterBoys, MC Oroville, Illsquad, Live Human, Lords Crew, Alex Pardee, Zero Friends, Big Sammy, DJ Raw B and Fatees.


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topr cover

Stay Tuned, More to come real soon…


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Grand Invincible “TIME TO GET GUCCI”
Many gurpos will think that this song is all about Schoolly D, but actually the rap was inspired by the tongue-in-cheek pimpiness of Miami’s Gucci Crew and cats like Gigolo Tony– a b-boy Kerouacian stream of conscious about bein’ stewy and introspective in the club when everybody else is there to dance and schmooze. The baseline with the horns that Eons swiped for the chorus reminds me of that “Crazy Boys” song from the musical Westside Story. Fuck Officer Krupke!
If anybody can tell me the title of the 2 Live Crew song that I ripped off for the flow of these last two songs, I’ll buy you a barely pop at the show (Topr’s excluded from the contest, ’cause he already called me out on it and I always buy him drinks anyway, the couch-surfing, hippie-hating bum that he is).


Grand Invincible “DENNIS RICHMOND”
Dennis Richmond is about delivering the rap news where the top story is almost always an indepth report on the demolition of a duck emcee. And yes, that is Baby Huey on the intro.


Grand Invincible “LISA”
Every Grand Invincible album has a song titled with a girl’s name (kinda like EPMD’s Jane saga, but about different chicks each time not just one). Ask The Dust’s is called Lisa… her brother was a greaser.

And that’s it! You’ve heard the whole album, now come to the show!

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Had Enough G.I. Yet?

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Grand Invincible “MEGABLAST”
I used to know a girl who would hit Richard Pryor’s chalice, grab me by the ears, and say in a gravel voice, holding back her exhale, “Shotgun this megablast, bitch,” and then blow a full-on horizontal mushroom cloud of burnt-styrofoam flavored smoke directly in my face. It was a pretty heavy thing to experience and I’ve never been able to shake it from my memory. Also, this song is Cali’s answer to Chill Rob G’s “Wildpitch.” Compare the two you’ll find vast similarities. Dan came sick with the 45 King-ish (not to be mistaken by Pete Rock-ish or T-ray-ish) horns at the end, don’tcha think?

Grand Invincible “ELEPHANT TRANQ”
I think it was DJ Eons homey Jake who found this record in the street and gave it to him. Lo and behold from someone else’s trash came this amazing break. The perfect theme for the Year of the Rat “and that’s twelve whole months of the/ hardest G’s alive hidin’ under their comforters.” (Do you recognize the nod to AZ pioneers Supermarket in that lyric? If you don’t, get Brandon B from Trunk Drank to put you up on game at the show on Sunday, this Sunday, Jan. 20th).

Grand Invincible “WAR MEMORIAL”
This next one isn’t necessarily about the current war, it’s more a comment on all wars and conquering people. I was inspired by Killah Priest (of course, Eons dubbed out Wildstyle samples, especially the baby cooing, got me in the mood, reminded me of that remix that GZA did for Jon Spencer Blues Explosion with KP on it) and the war poems of Alan Dugan (here’s one so you get the idea; it’s called How We Heard the Name, enjoy:)

The river brought down
dead horses, dead men
and military debris,
indicative of war
or official acts upstream,
but it went by, it all
goes by, that is the thing
about the river. Then
a soldier on a log
went by. He seemed drunk
and we asked him Why
had he and this junk
come down to us so
from the past upstream.
”Friends,” he said, ”the great
Battle of Granicus
has just been won
by all of the Greeks except
the Lacedaemonians and
myself: this is a joke
between me and a man
named Alexander, whom
all of you ba-bas
will hear of as a god.”


It’s Just Another Case of Grand In-vin-ci-ble…

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Luke Sick says:

Alright gurpos were gonna keep rollin’ ’em out so y’all can get juiced for the show on Sun. Jan. 11th

Grand Invincible ‘NORTH ROUTE’
Yo man, we chillin’ this funky fresh jam. I wanna tell you a little somethin’ about us. We’re the Grand Invincible Productions crew and due to the fact that no-one else out there knew what time it was, we have to tell you a little story about where we come from…


Grand Invincible “THE STYLE IS BONKERS”
Conceit left a comment on our myspace saying that this was his theme music forever (peep it: Grimey time!

Grand Invincible “GOLD WITH CURSIVE”
This is a totally necessary throwdown about drinking original Coors and comin’ fresh on the mic. Can you name the two rappers that Eons cuts up at the end?

Stay tuned gurpos, three more are coming tomorrow and then three more after that. Then, come to the show and celebrate Luke Sick, Heathakilla, Raw B’s birthdays. Say word.

The G.I. Saga Continues -By Luke Sick

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“We would have better records today if people said, “Look, you’ve got 5 hours to make a record.” The problem is that people got all day. They got all week. They got all month. They got all year. So thus, you in there second guessing yourself.” – Hank Shocklee

This quote from the Bomb Squad’s general of apocalyptic bass kind of sums up the recording aesthetic G.I. attempts to employ in the Invincible Lab with the aluminum foil walls. Most of the records we love were made with this sort of urgency and immediacy (KRS-ONE has bragged that BDP’s “The Bridge Is Over” was recorded and mixed in an hour and a half) and that’s what made them vital. It’s not like we are working against the clock trying to make the most out of expensive studio time, but our day jobs and busy-everything-except-music lives make recording sessions rare, so when it is time to record: Dan’s beats gotta be ready and I’ve gotta have my rhymes ready to spit in usually one or two takes, because we are trying to record an entire album in a five-hour period. Wouldn’t Hank and the boys from Spectrum City be proud?

Anyway let’s continue the “ASK THE DUST” saga with two more mighty jams from this Grand Invincible debut:

Grand Invincible “TIGHTER

This little chopped soul ditty is a brief public service announcement directed at all those mid-twenties ladies runnin’ around town fulfilling their “Sex in the City” fantasies. “Light on my hat like those dirty coal miners do…”
grand invincible 3

Grand Invincible “PURSE THIEVES”

100% grimey! Back in the early-nineties when San Jose Live was still open in the south bay during the Hump Hut Gang’s forever-broke-never-have-a-job days, my ace boon cracker Oak D and I used to kick girl’s purses underneath the pool tables and then send Ruddy Rudd to crawl under and get ’em into the bathroom, loot ’em, and throw ’em in the trash. We’d also snatch 3/4 full Long Islands off the bar when fools had their backs turned and suck ’em down quick. We were full on fuckin’ dengenerates and it is kinda with a mixture of embarrassment and pride that I speak of it now (mostly pride though, fuck it I’m a scumbag, y’all know me). Anyway, “Purse Thieves” kinda turned into an homage to that time in my life with a little modern shit thrown in (the first title for this song, before I wrote the chorus, was: Doing Coke in the Car). And the moral to the story kids?: Being dead broke should never stop you from getting drunk if you are determined and shameless enough. And if you should get caught? Do what we did at the Hut: Deny it to the bitter end. Why? “‘Cause nobody believe dem hoes!”
grand invincible 4

Don’t forget the show this Sunday!


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GI Debut

Grand Invincible was formed under the philosophy that hip hop as an artform was best served under the technological limitations of the late-80s and early-90s. Armed with only an AKAI MPC 2000, two turntables, a mixer, a microphone, and a diggin’ ass record collection with the intention of making the most out of the least (the original hip hop aesthetic), the duo set out to resurrect the grimey breaks and elevate a rare science. Time to put the hoodies and Tim boots back on and spark a White Owl as we present their debut demo/album “ASK THE DUST” here at Everyday or so we will be streaming a new track (in the order they appear) off the album up until G.I.’s debut show on Jan. 20th, 2008 (MLK weekend) at Annie’s Social Club (with Conceit, Trunk Drank, and DJ Toph), so STAY TUNED until then and peep the whole album which will be available in full as a 13-track CD accompanied by a comic book (filled with the artwork you see displayed with every streaming track) at for a ballin’ on a budget price.

Grand Invincible Track 1 “Codenames” is an introduction of the men in charge:
DJ Eons One– producer/DJ (former guitarist of Bay Area power violence outfit, Spazz)
Luke Sick– M.C. (from Bay Area’s legendary Sacred Hoop and Gurp City)
Eons One’s heavy, hoodlum-velvet loop and disciplined, name-dropping rubs put you right on the stoop, only pulling your freezing hands out of your Carthartt to split the blunt, dump it, fill it, light it, and occassionally ash it. Use your bus transfer to make a crutch for that roach, dun, the journey’s just begun!

gi comic 1

Grand Invincible Track 2, “Earn The Pay”

“Ask The Dust” was recorded in the Invincible Lab with the tin-foil walls in San Carlos, CA, and mixed at Cornerstore Studios (AKA the West Coast’s resurrection of 1212) in Oakland by Hiro Matsuo, a purist who at first assumed “Ask The Dust” was a respectful tribute to seminal “Golden Era” records like Gangstarr’s “Step in the Arena” and Chill Rob G’s “Ride the Rhythm,” but upon closer examination he became aware that “Ask the Dust” is actually a renewed call to arms for disillusioned b-boys worldwide. Hiro was really feeling the opposing basslines laid down by Eons on “Earn The Pay” and beefed them up considerably (like Bob Power on Low End Theory) to cushion Luke’s rant about the current state of the world and its insignificance to his purpose. Luke’s position is simple: “I’m here for the hip hop, I ain’t here for the hugging,” perfectly capped off by Eons final stinging acapella cut: “All these weak rappers steady makin’ hits?” All together now: “Fuck that!” gi comic 2

Get Up pt. 2

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Two more.

Get Up pt. 1

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Gurp City is an outcast in the rap game. Gurp City kills any emcees in the way. Gurp City shows it heroism when outnumbered. Gurp City is on some Rambo shit.


1. Click on the images and download the PDF.

2. Print the PDF on thick ass paper, or if you have access to a projector, project the print onto a larger and/or thicker medium.

3. Cut out the stencil with a sharp razor or exacto knife.

4. Hold spray paint 2 feet away and spray slow strokes to fill the area.

More to come.

Man, What the Hell Happened to You Guys?

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What’s up kids? its been a min huh…. First off lets give super huge props to Big Max of the 40 Oz show for holding it down and keeping with the updates while the Gurpnet kinda fell off. Props to Dap 1 and Emcee Oroville as well. But we’re back now! We’re not gonna lie, its been a tough past couple of months. All of us here at Gurp City have been going through it in one way or another but still we manage to persevere through it all. We promise we’ll never leave you hanging like that ever again. Just to make up for it we’ve got a monster post with tons of goodies for you all to enjoy. But first, whats really good folks? Lets do a quick recap of the last couple months from off the top of the dome and if anything gets left out surely all the residents will mention it in the comments so keep up on this thread.

Tons more after the jump! Click Below!

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The 40 Oz Show: 12.21.07…

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Listen to The 40 Oz Show, bitches.

Ladies & Gentleman, Pimps & Hoes, Lil’ Childrens of all Ages… It’s the 40 FORTIEST TRACKS OF 2007… Happy New Year.

  • Numskull, “40s In A Brown Bag,” Numworld (Ball or Fall)
  • Bored Stiff, “Livin’ Right,” From The Ground Up (Hella Records)
  • Young Joc, “Chevy Smile” feat. Trick Daddy, Block & Jazzy Pha, Hustlenomics (Bad Boy)
  • Blu & Exile, “Simply Amazin’,” Below The Heavens (Sound In Color)
  • Turf Talk, “Bring The Bass Back,” West Coast Vaccine (Sick Wid It)
  • Boot Camp Click, “My World,” Casualties of War (Duck Down Music)
  • Chamillionaire, “Standing Ovation,” Ultimate Victory (Motown)
  • El-P, “EMG,” I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead (Definitive Jux)
  • Redman, “Merry Jane” feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg, Red Gone Wild: Thee Album (Def Jam)
  • Devin The Dude, “Almighty Dollar,” Waitin’ To Inhale (Rap-A-Lot)
  • The Frontline, “This Is The News,” Lock and Left (Infrared / Landmark)
  • Mims, “This Is Why I’m Hot,” Music Is My Savior (Capitol)
  • 8 Ball & MJG, “Runnin’ Outta Bud” feat. Killer Mike, Ridin’ High (Bad Boy)
  • Ghostface Killah, “Walk Around,” The Big Doe Rehab (Island / Def Jam)
  • Scarface, “Never,” M.A.D.E. (Asylum)
  • J.J. Brown, “Mouths To Feed / Euphoria,” Ludacris / Jackson 5: re-Release Therapy (5G Productions)
  • MC Oroville, “My Van” feat. Luke Sick, TopR, Conceit & Brandon B, Do soMETHing (Gurp City)
  • Aesop Rock, “No City,” None Shall Pass (Definitive Jux)
  • Rappin’ 4-Tay, “Live From The 415” feat. Big Rich, Messy Marv, San Quinn & Seff Tha Gaffla, That’s What You Thought (SMC)
  • Rich Boy, “Throw Some D’s On It,” Rich Boy (Interscope)
  • Il Squad, “Rockin’ With The Best” feat. Charea, Eddie K, L Raw & Logic, The Finest (Community Musician)
  • San Quinn & T-Nutty, “What U Wanna Do,” A Warrior And A King (Sumo)
  • Foxx, Webbie & Lil’ Boosie, “Wipe Me Down” (Remix), Trill Entertainment Presents: Survival Of The Fittest (Asylum)
  • T.I., “Show It To Me,” T.I. vs. T.I.P. (Atlantic)
  • The Federation, “Scraper 2 A Benz,” It’s Whateva (Warner)
  • Talib Kweli, “Country Cousins,” Ear Drum (Warner)
  • EPMD, “Blow,” 12″ / MP3 release (n/a)
  • edIT, “You Ain’t Artsier Than Me” feat. The Grouch, Certified Air Raid Music (Alpha Pup)
  • Pharoahe Monch, “Desire” feat. Showtime, Desire (Uni)
  • Turf Talk, “Shinnin’,” West Coast Vaccine (Sick Wid It)
  • Andre Nickatina, “Baddest Bitch On The Planet,” Booty Star (Glock Tawk) (
  • Lifesavas, “Superburn,” Gutterfly: The Original Soundtrack (Quannum)
  • UGK, “Chrome Plated Woman,” Underground Kingz (Jive)
  • Bavgate, “Kings Of Gangstas” feat. Tuffy, The King of Oakland (Thizz Nation)
  • Freeway, “Still Got Love,” Free At Last (Roc-A-Fella)
  • B-Legit, “Stickem,” Throwblock Muzic (SMC)
  • Lil Boosie & Webbie, “Swangin’,” Trill Entertainment Presents: Survival Of The Fittest (Asylum)
  • Musab, “I Won’t Die,” Slick’s Box (Hieroglyphics)
  • C-Rayz Walz & Parallel Thought, “Chorus I,” Chorus Rhyme (Sun Cycle)
  • Wu Tang, “Get Them Out Ya Way Pa,” The 8 Diagrams (Uni)

Doin’ a show? Got a request or a dedication? Hit me up and let me know, and I’ll get the word out on The 40 Oz Show.

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Thats the Blap 3

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DNAE Beats is going big once again with Thats the Blap 3. DNAE with his two henchmen, MPC 1 and MPC2, will be banging beats live for Gurp City’s Z-Man, Eddie K, Conceit, Boac, and Karim (Boom Bap Project) with host Grunge Toefu of Thunderhut. Presented by Machete Vox and AA Good Music, this monthly features the area’s illest DJs with single letter names, E Da Boss, B. Cause and A Ron. The show starts at 10pm at Elbo Room, SF (647 Valencia) and is only $7 before 11pm ($10 after). Ladies are free before 11pm. Come show your support at SF’s best monthly.

thats the blap 3

thats the blap 3

Illefficient and N2Deep at Old Ironsides

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Illefficient N2Deep Gurp City

If you’re in the Sacramento area next Friday, be sure and stop by Old Ironsides and catch Illefficient headlining for The Shades of Gray and N2Deep. The show is $7 and starts at 9pm on 10th and S st.

Alex Pardee live painting over Z-Man’s Extra Extra

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Big ups to Alex Pardee for his recent show at Upper Playground’s PDX store. UP has been sprouting up stores faster than Big Sammy can blow blunts. From what I hear the show went well and he sold a lot of pieces, unfortunately for us, he sold all the ones we could afford. But, if you work for Yahoo or Fox Sports or another grown man job like that then you can head over HERE and check out the remaining pieces for sale from his show…or you can hit up Zero Friends and get a signed print and frame it for your mom, she’d love it.

The 40 Oz Show: 12.07.07…

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Listen to The 40 Oz Show, bitches.

Pimp C, Rest In Peace…

  • Pimp C, “Don’t Wanna Die,” Sweet James Jones Stories (Asylum)
  • UGK, “Swishas And Dosha,” Underground Kingz (Jive)
  • Too Short, “Money Maker” feat. Pimp C & Rick Ross, Blow The Whistle (Jive)
  • 8-Ball & MJG, “Watchu Gonna Do” feat. Pimp C, Ridin’ High (Bad Boy)
  • UGK, “Like A Pimp” feat. Juicy J & DJ Paul, Dirty Money (Jive)
  • Trae, “D. Swang,” feat. Pimp C, Hawk, Fat Pat, Restless (Asylum)
  • Bun B, “Get Throwed” feat. Pimp C, Z-Ro, Young Jeezy & Jay-Z, Trill (Asylum)
  • Pimp C, “I Don’t Fuck Wit U” feat. Vicious & Smoke D, Pimpilation (Rap-A-Lot)
  • Jay-Z, “Big Pimpin'” feat. UGK Vol. 3…Life And Times of S. Carter (Def Jam)
  • UGK, “Diamonds & Wood,” Ridin’ Dirty (Jive)
  • Pimp C, “A Thin Line,” feat. Corey Mo, Sweet James Jones Stories (Asylum)
  • Chamillionaire, “Welcome To The South” feat. Pimp C, Ultimate Victory (Motown)
  • Pimp C, “I’m Free,” Pimpiliation (Rap-A-Lot)
  • Spice-1, “187-Proof,” Spice-1 (Jive)

Doin’ a show? Got a request or a dedication? Hit me up and let me know, and I’ll get the word out on The 40 Oz Show.

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Black Brick Award

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goes to the guy shooting at the damn traffic camera. cheers to you buddy.