Gurp City

It's like Vegas fool. San Francisco and the Bay Area rappers, producers and DJs all get together for one good cause, to get drunk as fuck and make good music. Gurp City consists of hip hop pioneers such as DJ Quest and DJ Eddie Def to underground legends like Bored Stiff and Sacred Hoop to freestyle champions TopR and Conceit...pretty much every alcoholic rapper in the Bay Area of California. The Gurp Fam keeps growing and innovating rap music with artists like Trunk Drank, Z-Man, Fist Fam, Grand Invincible, Fay Dog, G-Pek, Eddie K, DJ Marz, Bullet Proof Space Travelers, Bullet Proof Scratch Hampsters, DJ Cue, Brandon B, Luke Sick, Iron Fist, Thuggy Fresh, 6 Feet Deep, DJ Mathew Africa, 4oneFunk, DJ Teeko, DJ Max Kane, DJ Mista-B, DJ B. Cause, DNAE Beats, Boac, The Makai, Third Sight, The AlterBoys, MC Oroville, Illsquad, Live Human, Lords Crew, Alex Pardee, Zero Friends, Big Sammy, DJ Raw B and Fatees.

Z-MAN feat. on Jern Eye “Get Down” remix

Posted by TheMayor

Put together these two:
These two have come together for the remix of “Get Down” from Jern Eye’s newalbum VISION (out now) produced by bay area and gurp city vet BOAC!

Mint Rock B-Day Bash w/ TRUNK DRANK, Fist Fam and more Friday!

Posted by TheMayor

Come out and get on gurp for Mint Rock of Bored Stiff’s birthday


Luke Sick’s Gurpuary Diary #1

Posted by Thuggy

Photos by: MC Oroville

Uncle Luke has made a vow to hit every Gurpuary event this year and is going to be providing us with blow by blow and bump by bump accounts all month. Here’s the first of soon to be many debaucherous posts.


Luke writes:

I started my Gurpuary a week late, because I’m poor, but Wed. Jan. 7th I kicked it off in style. Me and DJ Eons began the evening linking up with my MC mentor MD to record the song “GIgantic” for an upcoming Grand Invincible limited edition release. Then around 9:30, I high-tailed to the Elbo on Valencia to watch the cats catch wreck.

First up was the vicious grind of Verlaten lighting off between finger-bleeding fast to cancer-crawling gobs of murder pounding my ear drums flatter than hammered shit; the mic on the drummer’s snare was so fuckin’ loud, it’s still knocking my brain, I loved that shit, good job sound guy! The Elbo was the loudest I heard it ever.

Then Quest got on and ripped while the the bands switched out. My favorite for this mini-set was him rocking doubles of Ice T’s “New Jack Huslter.” Players in attendence: Philo (with Eazy E hair, full-drunk, killing people with his mind), DJ 2 Fresh (chillin’), Eddie K (off that camouflage), Z-Man (off that DANK?! I actually toked a joint that he rolled, lit, hit and passed, then I passed it back and he hit it again!?!like five times, actually!?!, had to do a roach-pinch thing even, damn homie, how long has it been?!?! Watch he’ll be back on Cisco by Friday).

The next band was Go Like This. They sounded like an updated, more pissed off younger-brother version of Plutocracy, Eddie K and Z-Man hit the pit for this band and got moshy, but I was out getting pizza and missed the first half. Then I noticed Quest was DJing for them, making all kinds of ill noise! Go Like This started the theme that all the bands adopted for the night (not to mention the rest of their punk rock lives): KILLING COPS. I really appreciated that. Leave it to the Redwood dankcore to start the revolution, shit who else would? The front guy for Verlaten had SMOKE DANK written on one shoulder in black Sharpie and KILL COPS on the other. Very nice.

After Go Like This, Quest and 88 (getting drunker by the minute) blasted through some impromptu songs, and then Redwood City’s Murder Of Crows and the Shed Dwellas took the stage to rap about all kinds of ill shit ranging from pulling guns, on… well, everybody, to Stone Henge and conspiracy evil. Tizzo (from Shed Dwellas/Shadow People) is a killer MC; his raspy-as-all-hell voice was like an icepick on these uptempo mob-style like ’93 turf beats made by this dude Tommy who works at Gelb (guitar and music store in Redwood City). “Shed Dwellaz number one, straight born in the casket!” Eddie K and Z-man were both drawn to this, and started doing the Ms. Pac-Man (have Ed show you) and even Carlos was crip-walkin’. And, what more can I say about the main man himself, MC Stinkweed was the hardest working man that night, playing guitar in two bands and rapping in Shed Dwellas.

Then Eddie K. got on and did a loaded double-time disco version of “EK Baby Straight From the Sco” and kind of went berzerker when he got to the “like Mel Gibb in Payback” part. Then Quest did doubles of the break from PE’s “Night Of The Living Baseheads,” (thanks for pointing that out Z)… what is that break? I gotta do my homework, ’cause that shit is too ill. Every beat and scratch breakdown that Quest did between Ed’s party-rockin’ was on point. Philo had stumbled out by now. Where did you go Phi?

Then all of a sudden, who takes the stage? Muhfuckin’ PLUTOCRACY!?!? Well, the whole band, except Max Ward who they explained, “Doesn’t do music anymore, and lives in Japan, doing Japan stuff.” But, fuckin’ Plutocracy!?!?! then I take a second look… no! wait! Plutocracy with Quest djing! WTF! Epic fuh rea’! (Mayor you shoulda seen it). I heard Plutocracy back in the day tear down a KZSU live set on a Wed. night, and it was fun to hear them rip through about 5,6-15 of their short, fast, loud ones. In between songs Stinkweed was like, “If we stick to fucking gether, c’mon let’s destroy the fuckin’ system.” I went apeshit inside, but I was backstage in Z’s weed coma by now.

After that, Quest and Lobo, the drummer from Go Like This (I think), got on and destroyed my ears with some heavy ass Kelis beat noise/scratch shit that deconstructed in a very natural and fucked up fashion while Ed, Z and I passed the mic around, really fucking loud, and I went deaf for the entire ride home… word up.

Next Up: Tonight Thurs. Gurpuary 8th: Alex Pardee Art Show at Upperplayground, I’ll be there sometime around 7pm 7:30ish… holla at a pimp.

Gurp-uary is Going Off!

Posted by Thuggy

Welcome back. Save your breath about the lack of updates, I’m sorry ok. Now quit yer bitchin and go to all of these shows. The troops have been hard at work putting shit together so that you will have something awesome to do every weekend this month. So break out that skrilla grandma gave you for X-mas and buy a fucking round you cheap bastards. If you don’t see me there it’s because I’m in the bathroom hooking me up some walrus action.






The World is Not Ready…

Posted by Thuggy


Trunk Drank

Gurp Band Rocks in the New Year

Posted by Thuggy

Welcome Gurp City 2009! This past weekend we had our old pal Jourdan visiting from across the country. The OG from the D&D Chico crew was hoping to see some familiar faces during her visit so we had a little mini reunion/throwback to the old Backyard Boogie days of lore. But since backyards hardly exist in the city we had to improvise a little and just decided to bust out some Rock Band, Gurp City style. Too bad the results were less than stellar.

It was still good times tho…

Thanks for coming out Jourdan.

Thanks to Oroville, Max, and Audrey for the pics.

Lets hope 2009 doesn’t suck as bad as 2008 did – Thuggy

Trunk Drank, FistFam, Gpek & More Thursday!!!

Posted by Thuggy

The flyers here should tell you everthing you need to know. Props to Jeff and the Fistfam cats for making it happen.

This Rocktober has been one of the most gurped out in years and we’re still riding strong. We better see you all out at 111 Minna tomorrow for the grand finale (Fuck Halloween in sf.) So this is it folks, see you there, and if you need a place to crash don’t ask me or Pek… never agian. Full rocktober report comming soon!!! – Thuggy

Topr, GI, Pardee, Cage & More Tonight!

Posted by Thuggy

It’s going down f’reals tonight! this kicks off the illest weekend of Rocktober 2008. Heres the flyer we better see you there tonight. For those of you who live too far away, we’ll hope have a full report for you before the week is out.

See you there, buy me a drink punk, it’s my birthweek. -Thuggy

944 Magazine Rides for the Gurp

Posted by Thuggy

Looks like Luke Sick finally put his english degree to good use this past month as your boy was published in the latest edition of 944 magazine out here in the Bay. Couldn’t have boon too hard cus the subject matter was all about the gurpo family doing big thangs. Check out the articles on One Block Radius as well as the ‘Cream of the Scene’ report with links to all the rellies albums in iTunes. Now go click the links and buy some shit so Brandon B and me can get this money. Good lookin Luke! this shit is real officiall for the home team!

Gurp City Dot, Upgraaade!

Posted by Dap1

Gurp City 3.0 is live and in full effect. Its taken a minute to get it up and running but you’ll see that with all the new features, it was worth the wait.

The biggest new feature is GurpTV. On the right you will see a featured GurpTV video and a link above it to the full GurpTV site. Another very noticeable addition is the new homepage. The homepage is a portal to all of Gurp City Fam’s websites so visitors can keep up with whats really going on.

Gurp City is an artist collective. It is here to bring everyone to work together and get the word out about everyone’s talents. Similarly, Gurp City Dot has moved to more of a community driven site with content coming from the collective artists. Click on the right ‘How to Contribute’ to learn how you can help.

Have No Fear, Rocktober is Here!!!

Posted by C.Bloom

The time has come, the moon and the stars have aligned and another Rocktober is upon us. As a gift to all ye Gurp City residents who live within a stones thrown of the Bay Area, I have accumulated a handful of worthy (some more than others) events to attend as you celebrate the most deviant and debacherous of months. If you think anything has been left out please feel free to post it on our message board and i’ll update this post accordingly. Hopefully we’ll have the fixed new site up before the month is over. Yer fucking welcome you ungrateful bastards.

Rocktober Show DatesÂ

1 Kid Cudi @ Vessel, I’ll Bill & Sean Price @ Slim”s, P.U.T.S @ The Independent, The Pack & Cataracs @ DNA Lounge

2 David Banner, Talib Kweli, B.o.B The Regency Building – The Grand Ballroom

3 Topr & Grand Invincible @ 111 Minna, EPMD @ Club 6

4 Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock

5 Babyland @ DNA Lounge

7 Santogold @ The Filmore, Murs @ The Indepedent

9 hudson mohawk, mike slott, LL (lazer sword), DNAE @ Club 6

10 Spindig Anniversary w/ Eddie K and Luke Sick, Megasoid @ Mezzanine, The Sword @ Slim’s

14 Tech N9ne @ DNA Lounge

18 UFC 89 Leben vs Bisping

22 Night of the Treeple (Cage, Topr, Grand Invincible) @ Club 6

23 LA .vs. SF D-Styles, GASLAMP Killer, Nosaj Thing, Lazer Sword, Eprom, Mike Boo, Salva, Epcot @ The Rickshaw Stop

24 National Thuggy Fresh Day

25 UFC 90 Anderson Silva vs Patrick Cote, Face Down Ass Up Warehouse Party

29 Devin The Dude @ Slim’s

30 Trunk Drank & Fist Fam @ 111 Minna

31 Morris Day & The Time @ The Grand Ballroom At the Regency CenterExpiration Patent Viagra
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Topr & Grand Invincible This Friday @ 111 Minna

Posted by Thuggy

Rocktober is upon us! lets kick this bitch off right this year. Pray for our souls people I got a feeling its gonna be a rough 31 days. -Thuggy

What’s Really Going On? Pt. 5

Posted by Thuggy

Whutty Bangs? How was everyone’s weekends? Hopefully not as hungover as mine. Got the next batch of updates here: first we’ve got another Fistfam relly, Gus Cutty and the other from the front runner for gurped out rookie of the year Fatees aka “The White Out.” Gus might just be the hardest working man in Gurp City and as for Fatees… well just read for yourself. More to come real soon, Peace -Thuggy

Gus Cutty
Whats up?
Working, writing, dranking, designing, making videos, painting, and trying not to piss my girl off too much in the meantime.

What are you currently working on now and when is it coming out?
Besides the Fist Fam stuff Philo already mentioned, I’m working on a new solo album called Color which will feature real classic sample heavy beats in order to balance out all the southern shit Ive been rocking the past couple a years. Â Plus a lotta graphic work for my friends and some political t-shirts so I can capitalize on this election like a true American.

Are you going to be performing anytime soon and if so when?
111 Minna, 30th of October…

Do you have any funny stories that happened over the summer?
From $10 grills to North Carolina bar bans, you can read about it all at

Anything else you’d like to mention?
Vote, or else don’t say shit for the next 4 years. Â Also, check out my nerd at

DJ Fat Testicles

Whats up?
Yo le! whats really good. I’ve just been acting like I’m on yole but I’m really not.

What are you currently working on now and when is it coming out?
I’m currently working on saving up enough scrill to cop a key. also been working on my solo album for about 7 years. its going to be called ‘Rolln’s on Dope’ or ‘Dude Where’s my Yole?’ not sure yet. My single is going to feature Oroville with Kathy on the hook. Its called ‘Doin to Much.’Â After that I’m going to drop a booty bass album called ‘Do the Jackrabbit.’ Oh yeah, another Lumberjacks album droppin as soon as I give Bdaps some more blee.

Are you going to be performing anytime soon and if so when?
I perform in my room every other Friday night and every 3rd Friday of the month at 222 where I bust The Bay Ball (Get Low.)

Do you have any funny stories that happened over the summer?
I blacked out at Toppers show in Chico and ruined the night, then took him to Baldo’s on the way home and listened to him yell about how they dont know how to wrap a burrito. (“That place was a fucking joke, the whole thing was grissle!”)

Anything else you’d like to mention?
Thuggy, You eat and don’t beat!Buy Cialis Softtabs Information
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What’s Really Going On? Pt. 4

Posted by Thuggy

Jesus man, it’s Friday night and I’m just sitting here updating this stupid blog! All good, I’m about to bounce after I finish these tall cans. By the way, our site got hacked by spammers so the comments aren’t working so if you’d like to leave a comment please do so by logging into our message board and saying whats up.

Today we have updates from the hairy one himself MC Oroville and that good ole southern pimp Philo, holler at em, they’re ready to get it crackin.

photos by: Emcee Oroville

Whats up?
Stiff dicks and airplanes, tampons and tree tops.
What are you currently working on now and when is it coming out?
Gathering more shitty life experiences to rap about.

Are you going to be performing anytime soon and if so when?
I’ll be appearing live at the Lusty Lady soon doing private shows for
the dancers.

Do you have any funny stories that happened over the summer?
My dog broke it’s leg, I got two new teeth & I watched a guy shoot
himself 8 times at point blank range with a BB gun. oountry song?

Anything else you’d like to mention?
Im currently accepting submitions for Word Billy part two. So, if you
have interesting pieces of paper or fragments of “something that
happened” give them to me. or you can make something happen and then
give it to me and it will have then happend thus qualifying itself for
publication. pretty much anything that is flat and can be glued on a
page, but not everything.


Whats up?
I’ve been stayin on Gurp with my fist fam relatives. We recently got back from NC where we played some shows, and I only got locked up once on that trip.

What are you currently working on now and when is it coming out?
We have the new Fist Fam mixtape, “Drunk Again”, which will be available for free download on our website ( within the week. Also, our new full length album Fist Fam: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, slated for release sometime within the next two months.

Are you going to be performing anytime soon and if so when?

Fist Fam will be performing at 111 Minna on Thursday, October 30th. Hopefully with Trunk Drank (Eddie K & Brandon B), and our big homie DJ Micah Aza.Buy Online Viagra
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What’s Really Going On? Pt. 3

Posted by Thuggy

Back again folks, now I know there’s only a few dozen people reading this shit right now so do us a favor and let your folks know that the site is back up and running with frequent updates again. I can also guarantee you we’re gonna have some free music downloads coming up here very soon so keep checking in.

So back to the family updates, we have two of Gurp City’s most valuable players of the year, this time with Hip Hop scholar and underground DJ supreme, Corey Bloom. If you’re not up on sahob’s writing resume, do your fucking homework. Homie is big league while you third string at Pawtucket.

And of course we got everyone’s favorite loudmouth Topr. Word on the streets is that the owner of the 2008 Gurp City album of the year (top ten of any rap album this year for that matter) was in full effect this weekend during the Space Travelers reunion show. Blowing up ravers, putting square broads in check and just plain raising some good old fashion hell. God bless the man even if he is an atheist. Read on my friends.

Corey Bloom

Whats up?
Yooo. Ain’t shit crackin in Sacramento. F’real.

What are you currently working on now and when is it coming out?
On the writing tip, I have a Count Bass D feature in the upcoming issue of Wax Poetics. I also got features with Arabian Prince and Illa J for EQ, as well video interviews with both for SmokingSection.Net. As far as WhatUpThough.Wordpress.Com, I never really plan anything, so just check in daily and see if anything is jumping off. Other than that just trying to get Gurp City in the consciousness of these magazines and blogs who as Luke alluded too, accept whatever they’re force fed and aren’t really interested in exposing new music. On the music tip, and I’ve said this for the past 3 years, but I want to get the Ranch B-Sides out there this Rocktober. We got a lot of dope songs and freestyles with all the Gurp City regulars that haven’t been heard, and need to be. Also, on the low low been working on a Bloddy Vacaville Man EP which you will undoubtedly hate. I promise.

Are you going to be performing anytime soon and if so when?
I wish I could say yes, but for lack of gigs and overall skill I’ve become relegated to a bedroom DJ who gets on gurp and scratches on the dolo tip.

Do you have any funny stories that happened over the summer?
I didn’t get much work this summer, and I’m wondering why I’m so broke.

Anything else you’d like to mention?
TRUNK DRANK is gonna smash the game and I haven’t even heard it.


Whats up?
My motherfucking blood pressure (140 over 100 and rising).

What are you currently working on now and when is it coming out?
I’m currently putting together a mix tape called Join or Die. Its basically a concept project hosted by Jamie Dewolf (from Tourettes without Regrets fame) with a Cult theme. I’m calling myself Topr Koresh aka L Ron Hustler and my followers are called The Branch GurpCityans. Â Its gonna have beats from G Pek, Yole-Master Fateez, Dick Nasty, Bootleg, Nuero Nate, Colin Brown and a bunch of others. Probably drop mid winter. I’m talking a lot of shit and calling out names on it/// its just the bitterest shit I’ve ever written about the rap game. Also, BOAC and DNAE have been hitten me up about putting an album on Machete Vox next year so I’m gonna start on that soon as well.


 Are you going to be performing anytime soon and if so when?
Doing a big show at 111 Minna on Oct. 3rd. Its gonna be fresh… were bringing in our own sound system, DJ Ales is spinning for me, we got LORDS crew bring art in, Grand Invincible is playing and so is fine ass Melina Jones. Girl can spit. I’m also talking to one of Sammys boys about playing up that way. Got a big show up at the Phoenix up in Petaluma soon and I’m planning another west coast tour. Never playing a show with Kwanz again because that fool still hasn’t paid me.

Do you have any funny stories that happened over the summer?
My life is a joke. Does that count?

Anything else you’d like to mention?
I’m sick of the rap game. I’m moving back to Asheville soon to finish school and retire from the mic. I’m gonna focus on writing books that nobody will ever read instead of writing albums nobody will ever listen to. Get at me before the spring to kick it and make music / get drunk. Conceit come back, the bay needs you. Gurp City for life.Buy Styplon
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