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It's like Vegas fool. San Francisco and the Bay Area rappers, producers and DJs all get together for one good cause, to get drunk as fuck and make good music. Gurp City consists of hip hop pioneers such as DJ Quest and DJ Eddie Def to underground legends like Bored Stiff and Sacred Hoop to freestyle champions TopR and Conceit...pretty much every alcoholic rapper in the Bay Area of California. The Gurp Fam keeps growing and innovating rap music with artists like Trunk Drank, Z-Man, Fist Fam, Grand Invincible, Fay Dog, G-Pek, Eddie K, DJ Marz, Bullet Proof Space Travelers, Bullet Proof Scratch Hampsters, DJ Cue, Brandon B, Luke Sick, Iron Fist, Thuggy Fresh, 6 Feet Deep, DJ Mathew Africa, 4oneFunk, DJ Teeko, DJ Max Kane, DJ Mista-B, DJ B. Cause, DNAE Beats, Boac, The Makai, Third Sight, The AlterBoys, MC Oroville, Illsquad, Live Human, Lords Crew, Alex Pardee, Zero Friends, Big Sammy, DJ Raw B and Fatees.

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Dregs One & Brycon – Invasion Of The City Snatchers (Album Out Now)

Friday, November 11th, 2016


“Imagine waking up one day in the city of your birth only to find yourself surrounded by strangers. Whereas the best known iteration of the film Invasion of the Bodysnatchers pitted homegrown San Francisco heroes against clones devoid of emotion, here the conflict is seemingly more mundane yet much more sinister: Dregs One & Brycon versus a mawing army of developers, techies, killer cops & well-meaning liberal apathy. Invasion of the City Snatchers is a call to arms set to a different drumbeat, no army or navy is going to ride to St. Francis’ rescue. Instead we are left with two reluctant anti heroes, no clean water and a dusty pail of beats and mics to chuck at the enemy’s fat fucking heads.”

Have a listen and buy the album here: