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It's like Vegas fool. San Francisco and the Bay Area rappers, producers and DJs all get together for one good cause, to get drunk as fuck and make good music. Gurp City consists of hip hop pioneers such as DJ Quest and DJ Eddie Def to underground legends like Bored Stiff and Sacred Hoop to freestyle champions TopR and Conceit...pretty much every alcoholic rapper in the Bay Area of California. The Gurp Fam keeps growing and innovating rap music with artists like Trunk Drank, Z-Man, Fist Fam, Grand Invincible, Fay Dog, G-Pek, Eddie K, DJ Marz, Bullet Proof Space Travelers, Bullet Proof Scratch Hampsters, DJ Cue, Brandon B, Luke Sick, Iron Fist, Thuggy Fresh, 6 Feet Deep, DJ Mathew Africa, 4oneFunk, DJ Teeko, DJ Max Kane, DJ Mista-B, DJ B. Cause, DNAE Beats, Boac, The Makai, Third Sight, The AlterBoys, MC Oroville, Illsquad, Live Human, Lords Crew, Alex Pardee, Zero Friends, Big Sammy, DJ Raw B and Fatees.

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Because We Love Getting Threatening Emails from Conceit

Friday, May 30th, 2008

We’ll just go ahead and post more shit about Topr.

The Amoeba Records blog has a dope interview up with Topski about being a Frisco rapping vet. click here to peep.

Topr writes:

 When I tried to book this show at Amoeba records the women in
charge, although very polite, was basically not having it. It seems
the higher ups want to abolish in-stores from local / underground
groups all together. Why you ask? Well, various reasons were sited but
it all boils down to the same bullshit we have been hearing all
decade: DOWNLOADING. People come to see the shows for free, hear what
songs they like and go home and download them all from Itunes. As
Conceit will co-sign, I gave them an earful of reasons why its they’re
responsibility to book in stores with local acts. I mean, they’re
fucking AMOEBA RECORDS for Christ sake, if they don’t support local
indie groups who will. If it wasn’t for Louis (the hip hop buyer)
going to bat for me, the show would not have happened. Thats why I
need everyone to come show support and cop the album if you haven’t
already. Send a few bulletins out. Because honestly, a lot is on the
line with this show and its not just TOPR or Gurp City. If this show
does not succeed it may very well be the LAST UNDERGROUND IN STORE AT
AMOEBA RECORDS SF. No joke, I pitched them a good line and now its all
riding on this show. Louis’s ass is on the line, the girl who booked
its ass is on the line, my ass is on the line and every music fan in
the bays ass is on the line as well. So COME THROUGH!!!!!!! We’ll
have beers after. Thanks. -Lord Topr

and if you have nothing better to do after Toprs free show, I guess you could roll on out to Poleng and watch Conceit play.


and then if youre really bored on saturday after watching the Kimbo Slice fight

who loves ya baby? -thuggy

TopR Instore at Amoeba this Friday

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Hey all you within an earshot of the Bay, we need as many heads as possible to roll out to Amoeba Records this Friday. Supposedly they didn’t want to do this instore because they don think Topr will bring in enough heads! Its time to show theses suckas the power of Gurp in numbers. All your favorites will be there in the crowd so you should be too.

topr amoeba

and also in 2 weeks, we return to the Mecca…


Weekend War Stories???

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Fay and Thuggy assed out...

Did you do it big last weekend? If so head on into the Gurp City Message board and post your dastardly tales of debauchery with the rest of us. Post pictures, video links, drunk dialed/texted messages etc.. Whatever it takes to get the point across. Ouch, this hangover’s gonna last a while…


The 40 Oz Show: 05.23.08…

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Listen to The 40 Oz Show, bitches.

Three day weekends are the shit. So here’s a lil’ somethin’ to rock while you’re on the way to the show / BBQ / liquor store / dope man’s house.

Same ol’ story — some new (Bun B, Immortal Technique) some old (Bloods & Crips, Wu Tang, M.C. Pooh) and a whole bunch in between.


Luke Sick’s Memorial Day Weekend of Death…

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Courtesy of Luke Puke:

This is Balls of Fucking Steel weekend… the gurp is finah get thick and ugly… First off, my boy Dave (Kracker) from SJ, bartender at Trials Pub who pours em stiff (just ask Topr what effect a few of his drinks and a couple Hoegartten’s had on a Wed. night performance at Johnny V’s a few weeks ago) hipped me too this crackin’ party on Friday with midgets and hot bartenders wrestling each other in astroglide! The spot is called Jack’s it’s at 4th and Taylor in SJ. Me and E-rock have been known to frequent the spot on a Thurs. when Kracker, the relly Bobby, and a DJ named Strictly 7 get down weekly. Strictly 7 has been known to rock a baby blue tux and only plays 45s hence his name, and has 7-inches of every break that you and Breakbeat Lenny can name, plus all the early rap 45s off Profile, Def Jam, Jive, etc… his set is a rap nerd’s dream. Jack’s would be a cool spot for Gurp City to start throwing some shows, and Kracker Dave (not to be confused with Mean Dave from Bad Touch) is looking into it... G.I. played Kracker’s b-day party there awhile back and the shit was live, drunk and intimate just the way we like it. Anyway peep Jack’s for yourself and watch midgets wrestle hot bitches desperate for attention while the girls say gross.

This weekend we are also paying homage to Dennis Richmond who is retiring after 40 years of obviously blunted news service. Richmond is the g, ’cause he never sold out to the networks and kept it live with the ORIGINAL 10 o’clock News of KTVU Channel 2 (fools have always bit the Bay, movin they news from 11 to 10 just ’cause we did and shit! pffft.) A perfect Gurp City Icon: No SellOut!; He put in work and stayed to the curb and we want to honor the man somehow. So, we got the image now who has the button hook-up?

(Also: There’s a Dennis Richmond tribute concert in Dolores park on Sunday)

so that’s Friday night and if you aren’t celebrating the end of Bachelorhood with Eons on Sat. check out SergDun’s ill fuckin’ party all in yo ass Beer and Rap styley:

Oh, and for whatever reason, Thuggy thinks it’s important for everyone to known that him and Faydog will be in Chico Thurs. (where Fay will be jumping on stage with the Dr Becky Sagers PHD at Nick’s nightclub.) and Fri. night for graduation, with their May Moooostaches at their gnarly longest looking for the golden hutches at the end of the cocaine rainbow.

keep an eye on the comments for more updates on whats poppin all weekend. -thuggy

Woodside Invasion Recap…

Monday, May 19th, 2008 got the illy recap of the past weekends events go check it out.

Luke Sick writes:
I got there at around 8 to help Dan load in the P.A.s and Fist Fam had already been there for an hour drinking (what was that red stuff y’all were drinkin out of those mason jars? Vodka Cran?)… Bad Touch was a heavy introduction to the evening… when Mean Dave starts playing those riffs where his shit is tuned to sound like a guitar and bass playing together my brain just says: “Get whiskey now!” Then Crazy Eric Isley comes out from behind the kit to rap to Dave’s drumming as well as his own self-produced beats. These dudes have mega-talent and natural game, a breath of fresh air in Gurp City, their song “Another Blackout” has got G.C. anthem all over it…
Then the 7 drunk rednecks known as Fist Fam took the stage and broke shit loose… these cats are so fuckin’ hungry in this game fools are gonna have to step up they shit when they start playin in the City… Peace to Philo, Gus, Merk (funny motherfucker hittin on the wrong beezie, I shoulda done a better job of heading you in the right direction, the brunette not the blond! ha that shit was funny), J Easy, Jonboy, Ronnie Mack, and I already forgot other dudes name (Gus help me out, I’m sure I’m spelling all this shit wrong too) thanks for being the rowdy ass crowd all by yourself and then taking the stage and showin fools how that shit’s done too… I’m really looking forward to their album, it’s finah be a summer smash.
G.I. was drunk, but i barely remember us kinda rippin’ on style is bonkers
Seasons of the Sick became a jello shot orgy of curse words, pimp game, karoke and sexual exploits, they’re like the west coast group home, their song everyday I smoke and drink forties over that Vrse Murphy beat is a serious sing along classic… and they always bring whisky too, thanks for covering Fuck You Style homies that shit was nice…
Last thing I remember was sitting on the edge of the stage using my finger as a spoon to shovel green and red jello shots into my mouth during the S.O.T.S set, and then vaguely begging a ride from E-Rock and Mori (sp?), and then forcing them to come in my house and listen to Triple Threat Three and DITC and new GI, sorry if I was all wasted talkin yer ear off y’all but I just had to get real Luke Sick for an evening, Thanks to fools who stayed relatively sober and got people home safe, thanks to all the groups, for comin to my neck of the woods to rock for less than 30 people, thanks to Dave for throwin the shindig, next time we do one there, y’all need to make the trip we’ll hook up some cheap mo-mos in Redwood City or something, the place is perfect for GC up in the mountains furtrapper style yo!


So You Wanna Be A…

Friday, May 16th, 2008

For all of you at 01:47 hopefully we can provide you with some helpful information.

In response to the question: “How can I be down?” or “How can I be IN Gurp City?”

The simple answer is: By checking out this blog, you already are.

To dispel the myths:

GURP CITY IS NOT A RAP GROUP OR A GANG. There’s no Apache-line to cross. You do not get jumped in. No president or leader brings you on stage and grants you membership. We have no hierarchy, other than that the City of Chico is god, of course (ha).

We are not members of anything; we are FRIENDS, first and foremost.


Gurpo1: “Hey, look what I made. ”

Gurpo2: “That’s ill.”

Gurpo1: “You made anything lately?”

Gurpo2: “Yeah, peep.”

Gurpo1: “Sick.”

Gurpo3 (hopefully a girl): “Here have some beer.”

Gurpo2: “I’m bored, let’s throw a retarded event to celebrate the dope shit we made.”

Gurpo1: “We’re not going to make any money.”

Gurpo2: “So, we’re gonna pay to get drunk and have FUN anyway, might as well pay to do it our way to our own shit. I hope people show, but it doesn’t really matter ’cause we’ll be there drunk as fuck and rockin’ our shit.”

Gurpo1: “Word, let’s do this, I hate my fucking job.”

Gurpo3: “Have sex with me.” (hopefully, usually not, but hope exists)

Feel me?

Nobody is excluded.

Show us yours (which is as simple as posting a link on the Message Board), we’re already showin’ you ours. And, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be good, but that’s up to you and the personal taste of every individual.

Artists who are inspired by or simply enjoy each others work naturally gravitate towards collaboration (music, shows, artwork, going to lunch, etc.), and that requires NO MEMBERSHIP. It just happens. Just like people naturally become FRIENDS and do what they can, when they can, to support one another’s endeavors.

The term “Gurp City All-Star” is meaningless. Ask an infinite amount of people to name the “Gurp City All-Stars” and you get an infinite number of different answers. Its all a matter of an individual’s preference whether it be fan, promoter, or familia etc… There will never be any kind of ceremony where you will be anointed, given your “chain,” or secret pin.

THIS IS NOT LIFE OR DEATH. We do this to briefly take our minds off the stuff we have to take seriously and be responsible for (like paying rent and feeding our families). We do this to entertain each other and, for some of us, to maintain our sanity. We don’t expect to make money off this. We often pay to do it; that’s how much we love it. If other people are entertained as well, that’s even better, but that’s like sprinkles on the donut. That being said, if you are looking to get paid, gain recognition, and/or do “serious business” this probably isn’t the place for you. We are in no position to “hook” anybody up. We are broke, and it’s hard enough finding the time and money to get our own shit out. As far as getting product out, everybody here is individually DIY, because we believe if you don’t do it yourself, you don’t do it at all. If you want your shit out, put your shit out, if you want it on Gurp City, post a link on the Message Board, tell us where we can buy it, who knows, we might just like it. Check out some of the artists currently affiliated with Gurp City and you’ll catch the vibe. This isn’t about global domination and it’s not really about telling people we’re “real” and they’re “fake” unless it’s in the context of a braggin’ rap of course (ha); it’s very simply about having FUN and getting better at making better and better shit and finding better ways to get it to the interested public. Our main pursuit is to let people know that when they want to find out about Bay Area and Chico underground they can come to and find out our take on it. So, please spread the word. Quite frankly, the best way to be down is to get involved and participate in helping to get the word out.

And if you want a shirt, buy one. Everyone you see wearing one bought theirs.

Sorry to be lame and didactic, but we thought we had to clear the air and let the truth be told. Now resume drinking and acting a fool…


Gurp City

Fist Fam Update & Show this Weekend:

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

South Bay get ready for some ruckus this Saturday cuz its about to go down something major. But first a word from our East Coast boys who have recently settled down in the Bay…

Gus Cutty writes:

I know you know already but heres a refresher, Fist Family is a crew of drunk rappers, producers, artists, and aristocrats born of the moonshine mountains of western North Carolina and newly replanted in The Bay. Remember when Topr disappeared for a coupla years and the couches of San Francisco rejoiced? Yeah, well thats cuz he was lost in mounds of deep fried turkey and moonshine on my couch recovering from long nights of embarrassing hippies and recording country rap tunes. Anyway, I digress. The Fist Family has been putting out independent albums, rocking hundreds of shows, and touring the east coast for 8 years now, and after a somewhat rough move to SF, are preparing for the release of their greatest album yet, with cameos from Topr, Conceit, Memo, and more. Saturday night will be the first show the entire group has played together on the west coast, and also the premier of several songs off the new album, along with performances from Seasons of the Sick, Grand Invincible and more.
Come and visit the new website fistfamily. net to catch up on your Fist knowledge with music, videos, and drunken ramblings, and post a comment and let us know what you think.

p.s. Thank you Gurp City for all of your help and support.

The 40 Oz Show: 05.09.08…

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Listen to The 40 Oz Show, bitches.

Happy Friday. Celebrate the end of another week by downloading the latest edition of The 40 Oz Show.

I’ll spare y’all the details, but I’ve been goddamn busy — too busy to do the show. But after some nudging from Gus and Thuggy, and Luke and Eons of Grand Invincible (who cut the illest radio show promo track I’ve ever heard; check this week’s show to hear it), I’ve decided to make another go at it. Every other week. But I gotta stop doing the track listings, so you’re just gonna have to listen to see what’s in there. This week as usual, some old, some new, all dope.


$4 Bucks A Gallon Aint Shit…

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Yeah, Yeah, I know we’re all still recovering from last weekend. But it’s time to put some miles on your ride and hit the road to see some more shows this week. We got:

Eddie K tonight in Frisco.

Topr tomorrow in Santa Cruz.

and ya boy Big Sammy on Friday in Sacramento.
big sammy yak

and in case you didn’t already know Conceit is killing all sides of the game by producing his own bangers. Peep the latest.

Conceit ‘Complaints of the Day’

peace -thuggy